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 * tclMacInt.h --
 *    Declarations of Macintosh specific shared variables and procedures.
 * Copyright (c) 1996-1997 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
 * See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
 * of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
 * RCS: @(#) $Id: tclMacInt.h,v 1.2 1998/09/14 18:40:05 stanton Exp $

#ifndef _TCLMACINT
#define _TCLMACINT

#ifndef _TCL
#   include "tcl.h"
#ifndef _TCLMAC
#   include "tclMac.h"

#include <Events.h>
#include <Files.h>

#pragma export on

 * Defines to control stack behavior

#define TCL_MAC_68K_STACK_GROWTH (256*1024)

 * This flag is passed to TclMacRegisterResourceFork
 * by a file (usually a library) whose resource fork
 * should not be closed by the resource command.

 * Typedefs used by Macintosh parts of Tcl.
typedef pascal void (*ExitToShellProcPtr)(void);

 * Prototypes for functions found in the tclMacUtil.c compatability library.

EXTERN int  FSpGetDefaultDir _ANSI_ARGS_((FSSpecPtr theSpec));
EXTERN int  FSpSetDefaultDir _ANSI_ARGS_((FSSpecPtr theSpec));
EXTERN OSErr      FSpFindFolder _ANSI_ARGS_((short vRefNum, OSType folderType,
                Boolean createFolder, FSSpec *spec));
EXTERN void GetGlobalMouse _ANSI_ARGS_((Point *mouse));

 * Prototypes of Mac only internal functions.

EXTERN void TclCreateMacEventSource _ANSI_ARGS_((void));
EXTERN int  TclMacConsoleInit _ANSI_ARGS_((void));
EXTERN void TclMacExitHandler _ANSI_ARGS_((void));
EXTERN void TclMacInitExitToShell _ANSI_ARGS_((int usePatch));
EXTERN OSErr      TclMacInstallExitToShellPatch _ANSI_ARGS_((
                ExitToShellProcPtr newProc));
EXTERN int  TclMacOSErrorToPosixError _ANSI_ARGS_((int error));
EXTERN void TclMacRemoveTimer _ANSI_ARGS_((void *timerToken));
EXTERN void *     TclMacStartTimer _ANSI_ARGS_((long ms));
EXTERN int  TclMacTimerExpired _ANSI_ARGS_((void *timerToken));
EXTERN int  TclMacRegisterResourceFork _ANSI_ARGS_((short fileRef, Tcl_Obj *tokenPtr,
                    int insert));   
EXTERN short      TclMacUnRegisterResourceFork _ANSI_ARGS_((char *tokenPtr, Tcl_Obj *resultPtr));     
#pragma export reset

#endif /* _TCLMACINT */

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